Rick & Afreen

Who doesn’t love a long distance love story? It is a story of long distance love and shows that in the end love conquers all!
Rick & Afreen were introduced to each other by a common friend & they decided to hang around along with their respect friends. Little did Rick know that Afreen (in her head) was trying to hook up her best friend with him, which apparently didn’t work out.

Fast forward - Life went on with their careers and Afreen liked one of Ricks pic on FB & guess what? Of course Rick msgd and they had an unusual long chat says the bride😝
Well, it didn’t take much time for Rick to propose his lady love within 2 months😌 BUT it did take a while for Afreen to accept it, because long distance relationships are notorious for having a high degree of difficulty. Eventually she did say Yes!

They had a very small, intimate, and friend oriented wedding.

MUA - hairsprayandtheartist Venue - Grand Gigi's & Lounguinhos Goa